Collected Stories of Internet Adolescence, VOL II

SEEKING: autobiographical essays, epic poems, free verse and huge palindromes about your formative experiences with Internet pornography.

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Everyone just uses their phones now. No more is the personal computer, the days when we snuck into libraries and living rooms to peer through static windows to the World Wide Web. Browsers were not named "safari" and "explorer" for nothing - that blinking cursor after http:// led off into a jungle, lush and fraught with information of all kinds.

And full of pornography. So, so much porn. Secret gardens of pixelated breasts and lips and dicks, roleplay chatrooms, slash and pseudonymous internet relationships. You could be anybody - and your other could be anyone, or anything.

So before we throw our towers and beige Macintosh boxes into the dustbins of history, we wish to take a look at how Internet pornography interacted with our agency over our bodies. Growing up with one foot in the virtual world, how were our sexualities and gender identities informed by flickering images and anonymous voices with AOL usernames? And, more generally, what was it like to grow up in a now-bygone age, when the Internet was relegated to physical space, not omnipresent and graphed to our bodies in the back-right pocket where our smartphones live?

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keywords: adolescence, sexuality, gender identity, internet porn, privacy, agency, digital vertigo, windows and the World Wide Web.